Conduit (2009)

Conduit (2009)


Conduit was a one-day performance installation featuring Kyoko Mae.

The piece consisted of a mimed performance set against a composed (digital) musical backdrop (by Rob Robinson). The track is above. It features the words and voice of Kyoko Mae and myself.

The work focused on language and communication and utilised apparently random phrases spoken in English and Japanese. Kyoko collected these phrases over a period of time as examples of common English idioms that were, to her, intriguing but baffling. Through music and words Conduit was our attempt to restore the poetic status of these commonplace expressions.


Touch wood                               Un ni kakeru

Fingers cross                             Gan baru

Pull out all the stops

It is not her cup of tea             Son nani suki ja nai

It is just a piece of cake           Asa meshi mae

Drop a hint                                 Honomekasu

Drop a bag                                 Nimotsu oku

Pop in                                         Tachi yoru

Drive me mad                           Ki ga kuru

Break the ice                            Bao yawaregeru

Juggle a life                               Seikatsu o yarikuri suru

Run out of money                   Okane wo tsu kai ha ta su

Blow me off                               Me mo kurenai

Dodgy                                        Hen

Kyoko Points 3 copy 2   Conduit featuring Kyoko Mae